2012 — Cultivating Uncertainty (ed.)


Cultivating Uncertainty: Ethnographies of Opaque Socialities

With François Berthomé & Julien Bonhomme

Themed section in Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 2/2, pp. 129–312.

Fully available online

Table of Contents:

Preface: Cultivating uncertainty

François Berthomé, Julien Bonhomme, Grégory Delaplace

Performing opacity: Initiation and ritual interactions across the ages among the Bassari of Guinea

Laurent Gabail

Make yourself uncomfortable”: Joking relationships as predictable uncertainty among the Trumai of Central Brazil

Emmanuel de Vienne

The rules” in Morocco? Pragmatic approaches to flirtation and lying

Matthew Carey

The dangers of anonymity: Witchcraft, rumor, and modernity in Africa

Julien Bonhomme

Bureaucratic anxiety: Asymmetrical interactions and the role of documents in the Orinoco Delta, Venezuela

Olivier Allard

Insect magnetism: The communication circuits of Rhinoceros beetle fighting in Thailand

Stéphane Rennesson, Emmanuel Grimaud, Nicolas Césard

Human‐animal “joint commitment” in a reindeer herding system

Charles Stépanoff